My responsibility has been to steer a jobs-led recovery to get back on our feet as quickly as possible. Through hard work, Irish workers and businesses have managed to turn around the trend of job loss much quicker than predicted.

The independent Central Statistics Office has confirmed that:

  • Over 64,000 extra people are at work in Dublin with their lives back on track
  • Unemployment in Dublin is now under 8%, down from a peak of 13.5%
  • In the past 2 years all the new jobs have been full-time
  • Youth unemployment is down by one third and net emigration down by two thirds
  • Most new jobs are well paid – in good companies, trades and professions

Our economy is capable of creating 40,000 extra jobs each year if the right policies are followed.

The new jobs have brought in extra tax revenue which has allowed a start to be made in reversing the impact of the crash on families and on services.