Working families have struggled hard during the crash. We are now able to make changes that are making work pay for all families.

  • Over 125,000 people stand to gain from a proposed increase in the National Minimum Wage to €9.15 which is worth €1,000 to a person working full-time.
  • The gradual restoration of public pay cuts will favour the lower paid, who will get a €1,000 boost to earnings starting in January 2016.
  • 71% of private employers indicate that they plan to increase pay in 2016.
  • The Back to Work Family Dividend and increased Homecarer Tax Credit helps working families.
  • Cuts in USC and Income tax have taken over 2 points off the tax rates at low to middle income levels – a saving of up to €1200.

We have a virtuous circle where the competitive edge of our enterprises is creating more jobs and that is delivering better living standards. Keeping this progress going is vital to our success as a country.