My Priorities

I have been privileged to have been given the role of Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation seeking to Rebuild our country after the appalling crash that left so many families scarred. Rebuilding opportunities to work had to be the first priority. We far exceeded our jobs target by 2016. Now we have to repair the damage and lay down investments for the future. Many of these investments have been in Education where I was Minister. These investments will pave the way for young people to succeed in the future. They are also designed to break down barriers which have trapped people in poverty. In my new role as Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, the decisions we shall take in the next few years will shape our world for the next century. My mission is to make Ireland a leader in this transformation not a follower. This will give Ireland early mover advantage in many new opportunities, strengthen social inclusion, and deliver responsible resource use.

1. Address climate disruption by implementing rapid and far-reaching changes to decouple progress from carbon and meet commitments which we have made.

2. Harness the communications revolution so that every citizen has equal opportunity to enjoy its benefits and is protected from the risks it also entails.

3. Use resources with care and responsibility: minimising the generation of waste; achieving a leadership position in renewable energy and enhancing our environment.

4. Ensure public policy and sectoral regulation is alert and effective, is excercised without fear or favour in the interest of all citizens; and is based on best international practice and research on future needs across the key sectors for which DCCAE has responsibility.

5. Position Ireland to develop thriving enterprise opportunities in a decarbonising world supporting an ambitious transition programme

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